We are Commercial and Domestic Drain Maintenance Specialists. We know that a backed up drain or flooding caused by an overflow can be a major disruption for you. The FIX IT Drain preventative maintenance program makes your house Healthy, Safe, and Dry. It is a cost effective method of ensuring that your drains remain open and functional, it will help you avoid any future disruption of your activities at home or at your place of business by preventing further blockage on your sewer line in most cases. The program is specifically designed to meet your individual requirements and offers regularly scheduled maintenance of your drains, sewers and associated sewer pipe work.

The idea is to keep drains flowing without interruption and to avoid blockages that can result in damage to property and inventory, and the potential health risk from flooding, the obvious inconveniences and, of course, unbudgeted expenditures; thereby avoiding the problems associated with blockages and reduced flow like the inconvenience and embarrassment of frequent blockages, unpleasant odours, or health hazards. It can be applied to any drainage system where regular maintenance is warranted.

 The first step is to contact us to make an appointment so that we can come out to assess your particular situation. Then we will analyze previous problems and isolate areas of concern. We will then recommend an initial cleaning that will return the pipe work to full flow and optimum performance. We will design a regular maintenance program that fits your needs showing which part of the system needs cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that your sewer and drain lines will be regularly serviced so that you can avoid the serious problems associated with backups, over flows and blocked drainage systems. Then, by prior arrangement and at a time to suit you or trained technicians will carry out the scheduled work, ensuring a minimum of inconvenience.

Preventive Maintenance will keep your drains flowing without interruption.

Give us a call to set up a regular scheduled maintenance of your drain lines to keep your lines flowing smoothly.